Cleaver Magazine Publication, Pt. II

As I shared yesterday, my essay “Fragile Bodies” was included in the latest issue of Cleaver Magazine. I wrote this essay a while ago, and while I’ve chipped away at it every now and then, it has spent most of its life sitting dormant in an overlooked file. After reviving this essay a month or so ago, I was thrilled to see it find such a wonderful home, alongside so many great authors. If you don’t know Cleaver Magazine, it’s a gem to explore. They’re a quarterly that publishes an eclectic mix of prose, poetry, shorts, and visual art ranging from photography to graphic narratives. There’s a big team behind their site, and many have ties to the Philadelphia lit. scene. They also make it a priority to feature emerging artists, which I didn’t realize when I was submitting, but wish I had.

I’m still making my way through Issue 9, but what I’ve read so far is surprising, enjoyable, and thematically expansive. Here are a few highlights:

  • I especially love “Turning Right On Cassady,” a gorgeous visual narrative by Miriam Libicki.
  • I am also thrilled to share the page with a few writers whose work we published when I was the editor-in-chief at Phoebe—including poet Jerrod E. Bohn, who wrote Peach juice coated the lips so that each song (I remembered formatting those bracketed titles right away), and Paul Kavanagh, author of a sweet and playful poem called Kiss.
  • Plus, the link for the flash fiction piece “Deadbolt” has appeared on the bottom of the page, which I’ve already read but still read again. It is written by my friend Alicia Gleason, who is a fellow alum of George Mason University’s MFA program and among my favorite people to discuss writing with.

I’m sure I’ll find more to appreciate as I finish this issue of Cleaver Magazine, but one thing’s clear: It’s full of great stuff, and I’m lucky to be in such good company.

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