Today I Noticed the Begonia Blooming

When Greg and I moved into our new apartment last summer—an English basement on D.C.’s Rock Creek Park—it was the first place we’d ever lived together that had a yard.


I often track the years of our history together with the apartments we’ve shared—five so far. This was our sixth. We met in our final months of college, drawn together by the Midwestern towns we grew up in, and our intentions to leave them. Our conversations about everywhere we might live felt electric. Continue reading “Today I Noticed the Begonia Blooming”

Today I Noticed Trees Filled With Holes

At first I didn’t realize it was a woodpecker making all that noise.

When I heard the tap-tap-tapping sound overhead I didn’t give it much attention. I assumed our landlord must be home, and that the footfall of her shoes was descending through the ceiling. Continue reading “Today I Noticed Trees Filled With Holes”